Recently, a potential client asked Hauck Architecture about the possability of incorporating a car lift into his new home. This residential project was a new single family home on a small, ocean front lot in the La Jolla neighborhood of San Diego. Every square inch of the property was extrememly valuable. Taking up more site area for parking would not be the most efficient use of the real estate. The idea was to provide a car lift in order to park one car on top of another, while only taking up a one parking space footprint. This may sound like a unique request. But, in a high value real estate areas, it is not unusual. While reading through the latest issue of Residential Design + Build magazine, I came across an article that addresses this exact request. The Phantom Lift from American Custom Lifts in Escondido, CA is a beautifully integrated automotive lift that makes the most of each square foot. If you have a unique parking situation, be sure to discuss all the options with your AIA Architect. The solution my be something you could have never imagined.