How does the architect establish fees?

There are many ways architects establish fees for their services. Architects may set fees as an hourly rate for time and materials, as a percentage of the construction cost, or as a stipulated sum. If the project scope is yet to be clearly defined, an hourly rate my be acceptable until all parties understand the amout of work required. If the project scope is clearly defined, this method is not to the advantage of the client. Fees should not be based on the speed of the architect but rather on the production, regardless of time spent. A precentage of construction cost can be used when the budget is clearly defined. However, Hauck Architecture believes this it not to the advantage of the client either. Our fees should not vary because a client chooses more expensive finishes. Our fees are typically a flat rate, stipulated sum based on the amount of work we feel is necessary to complete the project. Each proposal is broken down into specifc design phases and billed as a percentage complete for each phase. It is therfore our responsibility to perform in a timely manner and not dependant on the cost of construction set forth by he construction documents. To find out more about the design process and the what phases may apply to your project, clisk here.