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North Park Beer Co.

Red Topper Brewing Co.

Council Brewing Co.

Rough Draft Brewing Co. Expansion

Modern Times Coffee

Jamul Towne Brewery & Tap

Fall Brewing Co.

Fall Brewing Co. Burlingame Tap Room

O'Sullivan Brothers Brewing Co.

Duck Foot Beer Co.

Duck Foot Beer Co. East Village Tap Room

Bay City Brewing Co.

SpecHops Brewing Co.

Thr3e Punk Ales

Thorn Brewing Co. Barrio Logan

Bottle Logic Brewing Expansion

Poseidon Brewing Co.

Reel Brewing Co., Glendale Tap Room & Blendary

Hana Koa Brewing Co.

Kilowatt Brewing - OB Tap Room

The Lost Abbey Expansion

Station Craft

Oscar’s Brewpub

Motosonora Brewing Co.

My Yard Live

Melvin Brewpub San Diego

Melvin Brewpub, Eureka

Original 40 Brewing

"Having a great set of architecture and engineering plans has saved me a few dozen times these last few months! Other breweries in the area are seriously struggling to get open because the City isn't messing around with anyone trying to cut corners." David C. SpecHops Brewing Co.