Hauck Architecture is a San Diego based, full service Architecture and Interior Design firm specializing in craft brewery, bar, restaurant and custom residential projects. Since 1996 we have been assisting our clients in navigating the building department and all other governmental agencies. Our Architecture firm is committed to identifying cost effective design solutions that increase efficiency and decrease our buildings' environmental impact.

We strive to go beyond meeting our client’s needs. By listening carefully to our client’s goals and objectives, we can identify core values that become significant drivers in the design. In-depth analysis, an open dialogue and careful listening leads to a project that goes beyond merely satisfying the basics. The result is a solution that demonstrates how thoughtful design can benefit building occupants in ways not previously considered.  We arrive at a solution that addresses our client’s needs, goals and dreams, combined with the interpretation and craftsmanship of an Architect. 

We are dedicated to ensuring that our projects are on time and on budget. And with the additional use of computer-aided drafting and three-dimensional visualization software, our clients are able to visualize their projects prior to completion.